Talkin' all things tasty on the Roseland with Brian from the Cornish Saffron Company.

Meet Brian, the founder, and owner of the Cornish Saffron Company. Who also happens to be Marks Stepdad…!

Brian is responsible for growing some of the finest micro herbs, specialty veg, edible flowers and of course Cornwall's first Saffron! The Cornish Saffron Company now supplies the likes of the Driftwood hotel, St Mawes Hotel, The Idle Rocks and most recently has become one of our valued suppliers.

On Monday morning we took a break from the kitchen and headed to the Roseland Peninsula to join Bri in his natural habitat as he worked his green finger magic over his crops, it just so happened to be one of the hottest days of the year so far ( it wasn’t planned, we swear…!)

We were taken on a grand tour, looking closely at the wide range of produce grown in this modest garden. It was clear from the moment we arrived that Bri was in his element, it’s championing passionate, local suppliers like the Cornish Saffron Company that is, was and always will be the driving force behind our company.

If you're looking to try out some of Brians handy work, we recommend you reach for a glass, fill it with ice, find a spot in the sun and try the Tarquins Cornish Saffron Gin.