2021 Buffet Boxes

If your looking for a super tasty, hand-delivered, beautifully presented buffet look no further! Our 2021 Bubble Buffet Boxes are the perfect solution to your catering needs. Whether it be a family gathering, birthday bash or staff party our fully customisable buffet menu will have you covered.


Please browse the menu below and fill in our contact form to place your order. Orders in at least 24 hours before your event. Please let us know of any dietary requirements when you get in contact. Menu items are priced per person.

Free delivery to Truro, Falmouth and surrounding areas. We recommend selecting 2 main options, 2 salads, 1 side and 1 dessert but don’t let us stop you from ordering more.


Main items

(minimum order of 4 per item)



Pulled pork banh mi, sriracha aioli, pickles. £4.95

Sticky smoked beef brisket bao buns, pickled veg, coriander. £4.95

Pork katsu scotch eggs, spring onions, ginger, garlic, St Ewe eggs. £4.25

Korean chicken wings, toasted sesame seeds, cos lettuce. (3pp) (gf) £4.50

Pork & fennel sausage rolls. £3.95

Chipotle chicken & smashed avo  sandwich on St Ives Turkish flatbread, roquito chillies £4.50

Lamb &  green pea fritters, garden herb salsa verde. (2pp) £4.95

Chicken tikka skewers, mango slaw, mustard cress. (gf) £4.50



Prawn Vietnamese rice noodle rolls, beansprouts, crunchy veg, mint, basil, sweet chilli sauce. (2pp) (gf) £4.95

Smoked mackerel and horseradish scotch eggs. £4.25

Hot smoked salmon on St Ives bakery bread, pickled red cabbage, herb mayo. £4.50

Thai Cornish crab cakes rolled in panko & sesame seeds, sweet chilli mayo. £5.95

Smoked mackerel pate crostini, pink onions, pea shoots. £4.25

Salt cod croquettes, Romesco sauce. £4.95

Peri-Peri king prawn kebabs, garlic mayo. (gf) £5.95

Beetroot & gin cured salmon scotch pancakes, pickled cucumber, watercress & wasabi mayo. £4.95



Cumin roasted sweet potato & spiced chickpea scotch egg. £4.25

Wild mushroom, goats cheese & garden herb filo pastries. £4.95

Splattenridden asparagus and citrus hollandaise tartlet. £4.50

Halloumi & portobello mushroom skewer, chilli glaze. (2pp) (gf) £4.50

Skinners ale & St Ives smokehouse cheddar croquettes. red onion marmalade. (2pp) £4.25

Paneer, spinach, beetroot & lentil spring rolls. (2pp) £4.95

Dressed St Ives bakery focaccia, green olive tapenade, antipasti mix, balsamic glaze. £4.95

Grilled and stuffed courgette, feta, preserved lemon, za’atar. (gf) £4.95



Vietnamese rice noodle rolls, beansprouts, crunchy veg, mint, basil, £3.95

sweet chilli sauce. (gf) (2pp)

Korean BBQ cauliflower bao buns. £4.50

Roasted squash & black olive calzone, romesco sauce. £4.50

Yakitori charred corn fritters, spring onion & toasted sesame seeds. (2pp) £4.50

Pressed cannellini bean, basil, roasted pepper & green bean sandwich. £4.50

Wild mushroom, garlic & garden herb filo pastries. £4.50

Bombay potato bhaji, mango slaw, coriander. (2pp) £3.95

Charred aubergine kebabs, chimichurri sauce. ( 2pp) (gf) £4.50


Salads (gf)

(Minimum order of 4 per item.)

AVO herby slaw, chopped garden herbs, toasted seeds. £1.95

Cornish new potatoes, spring onions, gherkins, wholegrain mustard mayo. £2.50

Canara farm green salad, cucumber, pea shoots, lemon & shallot dressing. £1.95

Watermelon, feta, kalamata olive, pink onions, local leaves, mint & lime dressing. £2.95

Jewelled couscous, raisins, pomegranate seeds, radish, apricot, chopped herbs, £2.95

cranberries. (vg)

Harissa carrot, puy lentil, preserved lemon, mint, pomegranate. (vg) £2.95

Asian noodle, crunchy veg, beansprouts, chilli, spring onions, sesame dressing (vg) £2.95

Herby orzo salad, black olives, sun-dried tomato, pepper, balsamic glaze (vg) £2.50


Sides and sauces  (4 portions)

St Ives bakery Turkish flatbread, Trewithen dairy salted butter £4.95

AVO mixed olives, sun-dried tomatoes, fire-roasted red peppers & artichokes (gf) £5.95

Chilli & roasted red pepper jam (gf) £2.95

Red onion marmalade (gf) £2.95

Walnut & rocket pesto (gf) £2.95

Beetroot houmous, pistachio dukkah, fresh herbs (gf) £2.95

Cornish saffron & confit garlic aioli (gf) £2.95

Fresh tomato salsa (gf) £4.95



(Minimum order of 4 per item)

Cornish mess, meringues, Cornish strawberries, Curgurrell honey, vanilla cream. (gf) £5.95

Peach melba slice, raspberry cream, toasted almonds. £4.95

Cornish sea salt and caramel brownie, peanut brittle, clotted cream. £4.95

Biscoff rocky road (vg) £4.25


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